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AeSI, Thiruvananthapuram Branch

The Aeronautical Society of India founded in 1948, with the first Prime Minister of independent India as the Chief Patron, promotes the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of Aeronautical and Aerospace Science / Technologies in the country.

Starting from 2008, AeSI Thiruvananthapuram Branch has been organizing the Annual National Conference AseT dealing with the Emerging trends in Aerospace field and applications, enabling scientists, academicians, technocrats and industrialists to share their vast pool of knowledge and experiences. In the past decade, our country has made tremendous and vivid progress in aerospace discipline which includes development and flight testing of higher capability launch vehicles, demonstration of hypersonic re-entry and scramjet propulsion. More complex endeavors like heavy lift launch vehicles, semi-cryogenic technology, advanced re-usable launch vehicles, human spaceflight, stage re-entry concepts are in the pipeline.

In this context, it is highly pertinent for AeSI to organize a National Conference with representatives, specialists and delegates from propulsion and related fields. ASET 2018 is being organized as a two-day National conference on 2018 "Future Directions in Propulsion" during May 11-12, 2018 at LPSC, Valiamala, Thiruvananthapuram on the occasion of Pearl Jubilee Celebration of LPSC. This conference will provide a platform for synergetic interaction amongst professionals in the field of Propulsion to discuss the state of art technologies, assess the future opportunities and contribute towards the technological challenges ahead in the field of propulsion and related technologies. The two day conference will have a keynote address and invited talks, paper presentations by eminent scientists and researchers.

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