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ASET 2018

ASET 2018 is being organized as a two-day National conference on 2018 "Future Directions in Propulsion" during May 11-12, 2018 at LPSC, Valiamala, Thiruvananthapuram on the occasion of Pearl Jubilee Celebration of LPSC. This conference will provide a platform for synergetic interaction amongst professionals in the field of Propulsion to discuss the state of art technologies, assess the future opportunities and contribute towards the technological challenges ahead in the field of propulsion and related technologies. The two day conference will have a keynote address and invited talks, paper presentations by eminent scientists and researchers.

ASET 2018 focuses on a broad spectrum of knowledge areas including:

  • Liquid Propulsion
  • Solid Propulsion
  • Electric Propulsion
  • Propulsion System for inter-planetary/ manned mission
  • Technologies for Re-Usable propulsion
  • Nano technologies for propulsion system
  • Artificial Intelligence for health monitoring & other propulsion requirements
  • Spin off applications of propulsion systems development